7 cool hacks to beat the heat

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When the heat's a bit much, a few shortcuts can go a long way to make the whole family more comfortable. Here are our favourite hacks for the heat!

1. Freeze a hat

Little heads boiling in the heat? Wet their hats and chuck them in the freezer for half an hour, so it comes out nice and cool. Another fun option for home is dressing the kids in semi-wet clothes before they run around outside. They’ll be dry in a jiffy. 

2. Drip-free ice cream

Poke a hole in paper cupcake patties and stick an iceblock stick through. Say goodbye to the normal sticky mess of summer ice creams.

Credit: Pinterest

3. Store valuables in nappy

Heading to the pool or beach? Wrap up all your Very Important Things in a fresh nappy - no would-be thieves will want to touch them!

4. Spray bottles

A teacher’s favourite summer trick and one of the easiest cooling methods for the whole family. Fill up a couple of spray bottles with water and spray the kids’ faces for immediate refreshment. 

5. Add magnets to drinking cups

A visual reminder to keep hydrated (and hopefully the cups won’t disappear as quickly…) 

Credit: madeeveryday.com

6. Bring the beach to the backyard

For many, the beach is a far way to go. Set up a backyard beach for the summer with a paddling pool, a pile of sand and the kids will be happy all day long. 

7. Fitted sheet at the beach

Sand be gone! Take an old fitted sheet on your next trip and head home without half the beach.

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