7 memes that capture life as a music-loving parent

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Love music? Love your kids? Sometimes it's funny how they tie in together. These are some of our fave memes that do just that.

1. Just like Aerosmith

The kids identify strongly with Aerosmith. Parents on the other hand ...

2. 99 Problems

Kanye had no idea of the problems that were about to hit him and Kim.

3. A Wiggly good time

The excitement is real!!

4. In trouble Concerto No. 27

Child musical geniuses still get disciplined ...

5. Spotify NEVER lies

Promise we're still cool (damn you, Spotify)!

6. Aka. Three Blind Mice

And sadly the cycle will continue! Sorry kids. We might teach you guitar as well though!

7. Secret tunes

Plus hip hop, RnB, all pop music with swear words ... the list goes on!

Of course, there's plenty more where that came from. What memes capture life as a music-loving parent to you?