7 space-saving shared kids bedroom ideas

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Is your family living in close quarters? Check out these ideas for squeezing multiple kids into one bedroom, while still looking lovely.

1. The loaded bunk bed

Bunk beds are pretty standard when you've got two kids sharing a room, but they are also available with unique storage options and configurations. This one comes with a trundle bed and storage in the steps of the stairs. 

2. Clever corner arrangement

Image credit: Hit-Interiors

Ditch the bunk beds and go for a corner configuration like this one, add a shared shelf unit in the middle, storage under the beds and even more shelving on the walls.

3. Attic magic

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

We love how this tiny loft has been transformed into a shared haven for a brother and sister. Each area is clearly defined with fun colour and separate storage and shelving, plus there's even a screen to divide the two areas.

4. Organised and open

Image credit: nickyholender.com

Bunk beds can often be quite intimidating if they're very high and closed in. We love how open and low this one is, perfect for younger kids, and check out the neatly organised storage unit and cute play area.

5. Bunk alternative

Another nice alternative to the stacked bunk bed, position one bed higher and the other sitting perpendicular. Both beds pictured here have plenty of storage, plus there's room for extra wall and floor shelving and even a handy hanging storage tray!

6. Three's not a crowd

Give bed frames a miss and go for this stunning clutter-free arrangement to sleep three little sleeping beauties. Visually pleasing, it's super fresh and open. There's even room for an easily accessible shelf that also serves as a stylish feature. And we love those sneaky drawers down the bottom!

7. Triple bunk action

Image credit: KarakaeJames.com

Go for a loft style bed that allows you to pop another bed perpendicular to the wall underneath it, with extra space for a play area, desk or shelving.

This post originally appeared on Babyology.