7 things I think while shopping at Aldi. Without fail.

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The Aldi love is strong in my family.

When we moved into our house five years ago there was a brand new Aldi at the top of the street, and the proximity has been a blessing and a curse.

My oldest son has been there practically every day of his young life and the cashiers know him by name.

He commented on the recent store renovation as any other kid would a new swing at the local park.

I’ve rarely had to plan meals far ahead as a quick trip to Aldi offers me a couple of things; a brief respite from two kids racing around the house, and the freedom to make a very, very last minute decision about what’s for dinner.

How to save $50 on your weekly grocery bill:

That’s a whole lot of positives, right?

Alas, like most love affairs, there are also the not-so-great things.

So here are 7 things I think every time I shop at Aldi:

1. "I should have used a trolley"

I end up using the pram as an over-sized handbag. C'mon, we all know that's what they're REALLY for, right? This is both a positive and negative when shopping at Aldi. The pace of the swiping means I nearly always leave with a pram of towering goodies – and means a precarious balancing act while walking back through the car park. But on the upside, I don't have to remember a gold coin for the damn trolley rental.

2. "First stop: squeezy yoghurt"

The bribes are cheap and plentiful at Aldi. Squeezy yoghurts are a great investment in your sanity as a mum with a long shopping list and not a lot of time. I make a beeline for the dairy aisle before anything else, just to avoid the inevitable cries of:  “I’m hungry, Mummy”. And I’ve lost count of the times I’ve left clutching a wooden toy train or bunch of colouring books from the dreaded middle aisle, just so I can get through my list. 

3. "The random stuff is random"

All the clichés are true. Is there anything more oddly satisfying than leaving one shop with a pair of socks, a screw driver for the toolkit, a pair of cozies for next year’s beach season, a week’s worth of groceries, a random packet of South African curry paste and a packet of Yorkshire tea? I say not.

Looks necessary...

4. "I should have looked at the time before we left"

Timing is everything. Tuesday mornings about 9:30, Thursday afternoons after 5pm and every Sunday morning are the absolute worst times to shop at our local store. I know this and yet, very regularly find myself clutching nappies and some milk (and squeezy yogurts, of course) behind a queue of overflowing trolleys.  

5. "You don’t need chocolate. Repeat. You do NOT need chocolate!"

An avowed sweet tooth, any trip to the supermarket is a struggle in the self-control department and that first aisle full of goodies at Aldi is a real test for me.

6. Is that really organic?

Hands down one of the biggest delights of shopping at Aldi has to be the organic products - and the range just seems to be growing.  Milk, cheese, yoghurt, and a whole range of organic flours fill our pantry and fridge at home thanks to the outstanding affordability. Thanks Aldi, sometimes I barely believe it!

7. They really need an express aisle...

See point #4.  Being the person at the end of a looong queue with only a handful of small items is very painful with two small children in tow. Especially when they’ve already finished the squeezy yoghurt.

Are you also an Aldi fiend? Share your secrets to navigating the aisles.