7 times really pregnant women kicked butt

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Personally, the most miraculous thing I did during pregnancy was reach the end of them in one piece! So I bow down to these seven women who went above and beyond the call of pending motherhood, with these amazing physical feats. 

1. Performing at Coachella

Singer Cardi B hit the stage at Coachella on day three of the festival. "Safe to say, pregnancy ain't no thang for Cardi," TMZ reported. She "twerked all over the stage and hyped up the crowd. "

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2. Twirling and whirling ballet

Watch this incredible perfomance from a Ukranian ballerina. It's hard to believe she is 37 weeks pregnant! 

3. Labor dance

This mum is literally dancing through labor (with back up from dad!) Apparently dancing can help help to open  open the cervix and reduce the intensity of pain.

4. Winning an international tennis competition

That time Serena Williams won the Australian Open while in the early stages of pregnancy.

5. Running in the Olympics

Watch this incredible athlete compete an 800m run at the Olympics, while 36 weeks pregnant.

6. Gymnastics

Dips and a handstand at 35 weeks pregnant. Oh my goodness, please don’t try this unless you’re a gymnast! 

7. Breaking swimming records

Break the record for an ocean swim like our very own Olympian, Libby Trickett.