7 upcoming orchestra performances, specially for kids!

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Sure, lots of us sign our kids up to learn an instrument when they start school. But there's nothing quite like the magic of seeing a big symphony to spur a child's excitement to pick up a flute, violin or trombone.

An increasing number of Australian orchestras now offer special performances and experiences made for kids - giving families the chance to encounter these amazing musicians in a hands-on and fun environment. As firm believers that music works wonders on young minds, we'll be heading to one of these shows, pronto! Let the musical education continue!


1. There's a Sea in my Bedroom - Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO)

When: 9 - 20 May 2019
Where: Sydney Opera House
Why: The ACO are heralded as one of the best chamber orchestras in the world, and for the first time ever they've honed this talent into a concert that's just for families. The show is based on the classic children's book There's a Sea in my Bedroom by Margaret Wildand features a musical score made specially by composer Paul Stanhope. The show is narrated/performed by actor Jack Richardson, and the experience is designed to help kids (ages 2-7) engage with the orchestra in a fun way. All musicians will be dressed in costume - including a cellist in boardies and thongs - so it's definitely not your regular show!

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2. Mimi's Symphony - with Justine Clarke

When: 20 July (2 shows)
Where: City Recital Hall
Why: Just say the name 'Justine Clarke' and you know this show is going to be a hit. The former Playschool allum has partnered with composer/conductor George Ellis to create Mimi's Symphony - a show that tells the tale of Mimi the Magpie as she encounters other animals and learns to make her home in the suburbs. Kids will be introduced to the different sections of the orchestra and see how they come together to make one, big symphony of sound.

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3. Kids Music Cafe - Sydney Youth Orchestras

When: 6 various dates 
Where:  Sydney Opera House

One of the main goals of the Sydney Youth Orchestra is to instil a love of music in kids from a young age, and their Kids Music Cafe event is a fun way to do this. It's a great outing for parents and their toddlers, with the orchestra giving small children a great introduction into the sounds and excitement of live music.

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4. Jams for Juniors - Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO)

When: Various
Where: Iwaki Auditorium
Why: The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra have been running Jams for Juniors for a while now, and they've really finessed their art of engaging with littlies. Each 'jam' has a special theme (like 'Aussie' or 'Mozart' or 'Movies')

Let’s get rowdy! Children aged 0-5 and their adults can explore, play and join in with the MSO in these musical workshops.

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5. Animal Kingdom - Queensland Symphony Orchestra (QSO)

When: 16 June 2019, 11.30am
Where: Concert Hall, QPAC
Why: In this salute to the natural world, our musicians will bring to life a pantheon of beasts, including Rimsky-Korsakov’s famous bumblebee! From the powerful to the petite, the furry to the feathered – this will be a wild and woolly morning. Guaranteed fun for the whole family!

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6. Orchestra Fantastica! - Adelaide Symphony Orchestra (ASO)

When: 24-25 July 2019
Where: Various locations

Why: Presenter Peter Duggan, singer Elizabeth McCall and 12 ASO musicians help bring all the orchestral instruments to life through song, dance and actions in a fun event that is designed to be relaxed, not overwhelming. They'll hear new sounds, sing along, and have a whole heap of fun!

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7. Meet the Moo-Sicians - West Australian Symphony Orchestra (WASO)

When: 8 June 2019
Where: Perth Concert Hall

Why: The WASO is always on the hunt for fun ways to bring the orchestra to life for all ages. Through the school holidays they were doing viewings of The Little Mermaid with a live orchestra score! Coming up, they have an animal-themed 'Meet the Moo-Sicians' event that will let little ones get up close and personal to the action. They'll be able to have a go at various instruments, and enjoy pop-up performances of their favourite nursery rhymes.

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