Seven ways Peppa Pig changes your life forever

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Like sleepless nights and food-stained clothes, Peppa Pig is an unavoidable part of modern parenting. Along with her family and friends, the world’s most famous pig has taken over family homes around the world and for good reason – the show’s actually pretty cute, funny and let’s be honest, a lot more bearable than many other kids’ cartoons.

Here’s seven signs you've become a Peppa Pig parent:

1. Snorting is a perfectly fine way for the family to communicate

2. You can never look at a "muddy puddle" the same way

3. You know how hard it is to draw Peppa without her looking like a hair-dryer or a part of the male anatomy (don’t try it in public!)

4. You really relate to Miss Rabbit because she’s the ultimate multi-tasker and always working!

For the record, Miss Rabbit's only ever had one day off and that’s because she was sick (sounds about right)

5. Secretly you’re jealous of Pedro Pony because he always sleeps in

6. You can’t pass road works without thinking of Mr Bull “DIGGING UP THE ROAD!”

7. You feel guilty anytime you eat pork around the kids

Have we missed any? Let us know!