8 foods you should never let your kids eat in the car

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Here’s how I determine the quality of a weekend with my kids: the state of the floor inside my car.

Yep, fascinating isn’t it? But telling all the same. The more sand, toy cars, strewn sippy cups and most tellingly of all – food groups - the better I know our weekend has been.

But for the purposes of this article I want to talk about eating in the car. Because in our family, eating in the car is a point of contention.

I’m all for it, my husband on the other hand, is against it

Of the two of us, I have the smaller car and tend to do the bulk of the day to day dropping off.

In addition, I tend to parent from a place of 'peace at all costs'. Which, in layman’s terms basically means I bribe my kids with whatever it takes to get through the more stressful moments.

Be it a packet of Tiny Teddies, a piece of fruit, some popcorn after swimming lessons and most regrettably of all, a Kinder Surprise egg.

All of these factors make me the loser in the messy car competition.

The car is a haven for a busy parent in need of a break

Now at the time, from the safety of the front seat where I am probably trying to listen to a podcast and sip some coffee, I like to think everything is fine.  The silence is golden.

After all, the car is a haven for a busy parent in need of a break.

But then we arrive at our destination and as I run back to fling open the doors and the release my little angels from their seats, I begin to regret it.

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And the regret is palpable

The squashed-up sandwich now lodged into the base of the car seat.  

The amputee Tiny Teddies – a foot here, a tiny hand there.

The Popcorn now squashed under foot.

And the regrettable Kinder Surprise egg remnants now smeared into the cervices of the car seat and the door.

“Why can’t you just EAT the food?” I despair loudly into their cute little faces.

Well, you gave them to us, comes their silent reply.

Next comes the hasty clean-up and a promise (to myself) not to let it happen again. 

But that commitment never seems to last very long. 

So where does that leave me? 

To make better food choices of course! So with that in my mind, here’s a list of foods I really wouldn’t recommend throwing into the backseat. 

  1. Banana. Smelly,  lingering, with a tendency to grown brown, dry and curl on the edges. 
  2. Cheese or ham sandwiches (they have a way of hiding under the seat).
  3. Juice. They’ll spill it.
  4. Milkshakes (see above).
  5. Ice cream (Also, see above).
  6. Hot chips… ugh.
  7. A squishy packet yoghurt. Yeah you think these suckers are a safe, but THEY ARE NOT. Disarm.
  8. Sultanas. Small, sugary, squashable. Need I go on? 

How do you feel about food in the backseat?  What’s the worst offending food? Got any tips and tricks to avoid the inevitable grossness?