8 mums reveal when their children really started sleeping through the night

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When did your child start sleeping through the night? 

Type this question into Google and prepare yourself for an onslaught.  Mums and dads from every corner of the globe hoping against hope that simply by typing those words, somebody, somewhere will give them the magic answer. That if we just “change this” or “tweak that” we’d be guaranteed seven or eight hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Kinderling’s Mothercraft nurse Chris Minouge assures us that in the first year of a baby’s life very, very few babies will sleep with no interruption. She said there are anything between seven or eight development stages in the first 12 months that have an impact on your baby’s night time sleeping and are overcome with learning settling techniques.

In other words, time.

Not sleeping? You are not alone

But when you’re in the thick of things, it can be helpful to know that you’re not alone.

So, in the interests of solidarity, as one sleep-deprived parent to another, these eight mums share their real sleep journey. Add yours to the comments below.

Shevonne, mum-of-two:  My daughter never slept through the night, at least not on her own. We gave up and put her in bed with us. I was a bit more organised with my son, and by around nine to 10 months he was sleeping through.

Helen, mum-of-one:  I recall Corey started sleeping through early like six or seven weeks and I'd ask if I should be waking him up to feed him. I used to secretly smile when our mothers group used to share their horror sleep stories AND THEN he got his first tooth at six months or so and I doubt we’ve had a full night’s sleep since! Either I get up to him or he comes gets in with me and then I get no sleep. Why do toddlers feel the need to sleep perpendicular?

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Lucy, mum-of-two: Our first son didn’t sleep through the night until he was almost 20 months. I distinctly remember waking up one of the first mornings after 'it' happened and recalling a dream – a dream! I’d finally had enough sleep to hit the wonderful stage of REM that allows them to happen.  Son number two is a work in a progress!

Sarah, mum-of-two: Five months pretty much to the day for both of ours, thanks to techniques taught to us by a Mothercraft nurse.  

Jess, mum-of-three: I think sleeping through is a bit of a myth! Archie is seven now but I will still get up to him every couple of weeks, usually because he has a nightmare. My sister told me she could only fully relax when her youngest was around eight as that was when he could usually manage whatever happened in the middle of the night by himself! All of mine have shown an ability to sleep through from around six to seven months. Definitely not consistently though until much older!

Lisa, mum-of-two: One child four months after reflux abated. The other was after the longest 16 months of my life, and after grommets and molars.

Joanna, mum-of-two:  Both were about 23 months... when I weaned them!

Belle, mum-of-three: I weaned off night nursing when they were all six months. I just put them to bed and let them cry. It took Hamish two nights to catch on, it took Lisa maybe one night and it took our youngest four nights. I guess by current standards I am a monster, but I had three kids under the age of four and I had some pretty severe post-natal depression so for me it was about survival.