8 phases of mum breasts: From proud and perky to flat and fatigued

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Mums all know that their bodies change a lot during pregnancy, from the bottom to the top. But perhaps we don’t quite realise the journey our boobs in particular take. Lana Hallowes decided to document the experience from whoa to go…

Once upon a time I had fabulous breasts. It wasn’t in my pre-kids years – my bust wasn’t anything to write home about then – but rather it was thanks to what I like to call the ‘breastfeeding boob job’ – those early months of breastfeeding your baby when your boobs are rock hard with milk, porn star huge and sit proud on your chest like you’re Wonder Woman.

Ah, behold!

But then, one sad day they disappeared, and now all I’m left with are two flat pancakes. You see, I’ve experienced the eight stages of mummy boobage. Which one are you in now?

1. Out-of-nowhere pregnancy nipples

One of the first things I noticed about my pregnant body were my boobs. I remember looking at them in the mirror in horror at the huge dark circles which were forming around my nipples. WHAT. IS. THAT?! I thought, instantly looking up ‘changing areola’ in What to expect when expecting.

While perfectly explainable under ‘pregnancy hormones‘ (what isn’t due to hormones in pregnancy?!) I did wonder if my breasts would ever be sexual things again, especially as in addition to the WTF colour change, the area around my nipples was also getting bumpy and lumpy. 

2. The don’t-you-dare-touch bosom

Then, once my “holy dark areolas” shock had died down, I started to enjoy the fact that my boobs were swelling and going up a cup size as my pregnancy progressed. Yay! A full cup size. This was a big (excuse the pun) deal for modestly chested me. But I didn’t enjoy how tender they were in the early days or the fact that during the third trimester they got very veiny – eww.  

3. Breastfeeding war zone teats

Nobody warned me about how painful breastfeeding would be. I know now that my little milk junkie had a tongue tie and that explained the feeding issues we had early on, and also why my boobs looked like they’d been to war.

Seriously, they were tortured. One of my nipples was so cracked, blistered and bleeding that my friends even had what they called a ‘nipple intervention’. They arrived one day on my doorstep with a breast pump just to give my poor boob a break. It did the trick and I was back feeding from both breasts three days later.   

4. Powerhouse breastfeeding

Then when my early breastfeeding woes had resolved, I realised I was sporting some rather impressive boobage! Like bazoomers. Not only where my breasts enormous (well, for me), they were also rock hard and sat proud on my chest like Wonder Woman’s. Of course, when I fed my baby they shrunk as they drained but it didn’t take long for them to pump right back up for the next feeding sesh. It was like getting a fresh boob job multiple times a day.

5. Brilliant but bizarre bust

While I pretty much enjoyed my larger bust for the entire year I breastfed, there were days where they were just plain weird. They’d sit lopsided with one carrying more milk than the other and my nipples were scarily big and long. I was in full blown milk cow mode.

6. Weeping and emotionally delicate lady lumps

I don’t think I’ve cried as many tears as I did in in my baby’s first year. These were overwhelmed, ‘what the hell am I supposed to do’ tears but they were also tears of absolute joy and awe at the beautiful little gift I’d been given.

Listen to Bodyshock:

Those moments where I felt like my heart might explode would inevitably lead my boobs to let down and have a little cry too. They would also do this when they found it too cold in the fridge section of Coles. Get a grip, boobs!

7. Gradually diminishing weaning chest

Then the day that I never wanted to come came and I was forced to wean my babies. I’d so enjoyed feeding them, even despite the painful start, that I was heartbroken when the time came to say goodbye to our breastfeeding journey.

As I fed my baby less, my body got the message that it didn’t need to produce as much milk. Then one day, it forgot how to and before I knew it, my once impressive bust, was reduced to this:  

8. Flat and saggy pancake bosom

Now my boobs are soft and floppy. They are back to being an average size but look as tired as I feel.

My friend on the other hand who started off on her breastfeeding journey with pretty good boobage to begin with, tells me her breasts are now “two deflated balloons” after weaning. She went to a bra shop the other day in search of some serious support because she has grave fears they’ll hang over her belt someday soon.

Which stage of mummy boobage are you in now?

This article was originally published on Babyology.