8 ways to keep your toddler entertained (and happy) when you live in an apartment

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Apartment living for families is on the up, at least in Australia’s metro areas. And for all good things about it, entertaining small children in that environment can prove a bit of a challenge.

According to Kinderling’s MotherCraft nurse Chris Minogue the secret to keeping your toddler happy in a smaller living space, is the right mix of inside and outside play.

“It’s important to get outside at least twice a day,” Chris told Kinderling. “Once they’ve had an opportunity to run around for a little while, they’ll be happier to be inside.”

Once you're back from the park, mix these activities around for the rest of the day: 

  1. Sticker books
    These books are worth their wait in gold for tiny fingers. Grab a bunch of them from Kmart or your local newsagent; arrange them on the coffee table and watch your toddler work.
  2. Mosiacs
    You can get hours of fun out of mosaics; smallish pieces of tile, large beads or even pieces of mixed up puzzles can work.  Scatter them around the table or floor and let your toddler’s imagination fly.
  3. Dress Ups
    You don’t need “real costumes” grab a box or basket and throw in some of your own clothes, a big sheet, some gum boots, a scarf and some bangles and let your toddler's imagination do the rest!
  4. Blocks and puzzles
    Set them on the floor or scatter the pieces in a big mixing bowl. 
  5. Water play!
    Don’t panic! This can be as simple as giving them a paint brush and a tiny bowl of water; if you don’t have a balcony, set up play on the bathroom floor or put a towel down.
  6. Magnets
    Mix up the pieces in a mixing bowl and get your toddler to create a pattern on the fridge or invest in a small easel or magnetic board.
  7. Change your environment
     If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony, setting up any of the above activities outside can be fun. Play “spot the plane” or "count the clouds", water the plants or just have a snack in the sunshine.
  8. Listen to Kinderling!
    Download the Kinderling Kids Radio app and check out our daily schedule; Together Time, Story of the Week and Play and Learn  are all great listening choices for this age group.