20 kids in Star Wars costumes is the cute you need this May the fourth

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May the force be with you! We've collected together the cutest costumed kids in the galaxy. From Han Solo junior and his furry friend to little Leias, these outfits are truly out of this world. 

1. Jedi Nights

Source: imgur.com

2. Han Solo and his furry friend

Source: cuije.com

3. Imperial Walker

Source: thebestofcosplay.com

4. The fastest couch in the galaxy!

Source: thekarpiuks.com

5. Little Leia, Darth Dog and Yodog

Source: today.com

6. Sleep or sleep not, there is no cry

Source: sherriperoniphotography.com

7. The pink side of the force

Source: flickr.com

8. R2-Tutu

Source: pinterest.com

9. Cosmically cute!

Source: jmeportraits.com

10. Bubba Fett 

Source: pinterest.com

11. Coolest kid on the planet Hoth

Source: pinterest.com

12. R2-D-Too-Tired

Source: pinterest.com

13. That's one way to contain your toddler

Source: misscolleenscorner.wordpress.com

14. This is the droid we're looking for

Source: pinterest.com

15. Endorable!

Source: costumes.com.au

16. A New Hope for Halloween

Source: iammommahearmeroar.net 

17. Teaching an old dog new (jedi mind) tricks

Source: cuije.com

18. On their way to deliver the Death Stars plans

Source: pinterest.com

19. Cuteness strikes back!

Source: pinterest.com

20. Little rebel

Source: pinterest.com