All hail Libby Trickett, queen of the third trimester

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What were you doing at 35 weeks pregnant?

Tackling third trimester sweats, sleeping badly and eating a lot of frozen mango ice blocks from the comfort of your sofa?  Me too.

Oh, and ‘debating’ the name of our future offspring with my husband and washing a bucket-load of tiny, baby things and pegging them on the line in anticipation.   

Worrying every other day about how my then three-year-old was going to cope with impending sibling arrival.

(A story for another time).

And basically praying that everyone who told me the second ‘wasn’t a big deal’ in terms of family dynamic were right.

(They weren’t)

But not Libby Trickett. Oh, no.

The former Australian Olympic champion spent Saturday morning immersed in the warm ocean at Noosa’s Main Beach for a charity swimming event and broke an (unofficial) record.

Yes, at 35 weeks pregnant with her second child, Libby Trickett has taken maternity/ life goals next level by completing a one-kilometre ocean swim.

And while Libby joked with reporters about her “very specific record”, she declared she was rightfully proud of herself on Instagram.

did it!! Ridiculously proud that I didn’t talk myself out of this one and so happy I was able to complete a 1km ocean swim being 35 weeks pregnant. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you’re mind and body allows you! Now I am ready for bed 😴 #noosasummerswim #35weeks #pregnancypb #joythroughmovement #ihaveembraced

Women and their bodies can do extraordinary things.