All little rockers need to get their hands on the Rock ABC Board Book

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This trend of glamming up alphabets is one we’re on board for. First Beck Feiner pulls it off with her Aussie Legends and Lady Legends alphabets, then this little board book comes along. The Rock Alphabet is going to amp up the ABCs like nothing else.

Dreamt up by music-lover and creative professional Andrew Morgan, it marks a key change for learning the alphabet. Andrew describes it as “a fun way to teach the next generation of rockers about the legends that paved the way,” in his chat with My Modern Met, and it’s surely going to have kids and grown-ups tuning in closer.

So who makes an appearance? Of course, D is for David (Bowie), G is for Gene (Simmons) and J is for Jimi (Hendrix).

Admirably, part of each sale will be donated to youth music programs, so you’re also supporting the up and coming rockers of the next generation when you grab one.

There’s also the RAP ABC, featuring the greats like TupacBiggie and Puff Daddy.

Plus, Andy has some super cute alphabet merch too, should you need some apparel as a stocking filler.