Amazing kids' bedrooms they'll want to be sent to

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Forget the kids, we want to sleep here. From awe-inspiring airports to flying pirate ships and Narnia-inspired wardrobes, these aren't so much bedrooms as mindblowing works of art. Which one's your favourite?

1. The Toy Story room

To infinity and beyond indeed. 


2. The Young Aviator's Room

This high-end airport features a hand-painted bi-plane and a control tower study area!


3. The Narnia Wardrobe room

Pretty much our favourite room of the lot - what a magical idea.


4. The Pirate Ship Bedroom

Sailing the seven seas to slumber. This room is ridiculous. 


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5. The Race Car bedroom

Perfect for little learner drivers. Plus it's totally okay to fall asleep at the wheel! 


6. The Princess Castle room

Where else would her highness want to hit the hay?


7. The Space Age room

Sleep - the final frontier! Not exactly sure how they get out of their pods... anti-gravity, perhaps?


8. The Big Yellow Truck room

A builder's delight, this room is permanently under construction. 


9. The Under The Sea room

The life aquatic has never been grander. 


10. The Sports room

Gives new meaning to the phrase 'go play in your room'.


11. The Up, Up and Away room

Amazing! Mind you, this room would last two minutes with our toddlers.


12. The Rocket room

Blast off to Planet Zzzzzzzz!


13. The Mario Bros room

The perfect place for a junior plumber to rest their weary head.

14. The Indoor Treehouse room

Imagine the adventures you could have here.


15. The Boat room

Just don't wet the bed!