Amazing new cake trend lets you have the best of both worlds

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Everyone gets to have their cake and eat it too with this clever new birthday cake trend!

If you have twins, are throwing a party for two kids, or your little one simply can’t decide between her two favourite things of the minute for her birthday theme, then this double-sided cake trend might be for you!

It’s basically a cake that features one thing on one side and another on the other.

The impressive Pinterest cakes shown here are not for the baking timid, though. Still, you might get some inspo to create your own simpler version of a double-sided cake.

Check them out.

Spiderman and the mermaid

Got one child obsessed with The Little Mermaid and another with Spiderman? Cakes Decor was presented with this very conundrum from a client, but came up with the most wonderful compromise cake!

Snowy mountain

This epic winter and summer cake is for both mountaineers and skiers.

Two birthdays at once

If you have different-aged kids who celebrate their birthday in the same month, then this is a great cake if you’re thinking of combining parties.

Front and back cake

This idea is perfect for twins! Sing happy birthday for one kid. Then turn the cake around to see a completely different cake for the other twin and sing it again! Credit: Cakes Decor Pinterest.

Pirate ship castle cake

Not technically a double-sided cake but definitely a double one that will please both little princess and pirate fans.

White and dark chocolate cake

Can’t decide between dark or light chocolate for your special occasion cake? Don’t! You can have your milk chocolate and eat your white chocolate too with this idea.

Princess and superhero cake

Is one kiddo into princesses and the other into superheros? Combine the two in the one cake! Like so …

Twin birthday cake, sorted

One cake, one birthday. Sorted.

Half ‘n’ half

We love this idea of celebrating a twin birthday in the ‘one’ cake. Simply slice a cake in half and ice it to look like an individual cake.

Double castle cake

Can’t decide between two favourite colours? Why not have both! We love this blue and pink castle cake for celebrating two little ones at the same time.

Monster unicorn

It’s a dragon? No, it’s a unicorn! This mum should get the award for ‘best double-sided cake‘.

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