Are you paying too much for nappies?

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When it comes to the pants our children poop and pee in, personal preference and habits usually determine which brands we buy, use, and stick to. But what if you’ve been paying too much for your disposable nappies?

The latest consumer survey from Choice might have you reaching for the baby powder to freshen up your preferred brand of baby bum covers.

Brands of disposable nappies for infants, toddlers and all the stages inbetween were compared by Choice and ranked based on various categories of testing; the results could save you a pretty, poop-free penny.

The categories that determined which nappies were heroes and which were more dud than the stuff that goes in them, were each brand’s ability to absorb and retain, prevent moisture from outside sneaking in, and arguably the most important, strength of velcro!

Refreshingly, say, like a freshly changed nappy, several no name brands fronted up with comparable and sometimes better results than some of the serious market staples. Coles 'comfy bots' at .21c per nappy,for example, were right up there with some of the most well known brands on the market.

As Choice explain in their latest list of reviews, depending on your needs (and your child's), you could find yourself paying a lot less for a similar quality product that will keep you and your beloved rascal dry, happy, and nappied.


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