Australia’s most popular baby names revealed!

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Keen to choose a unique name for your bubba? Or want to fit in with the crowd? We've now got the Top 100 names for boys and girls, so you can plan away!

McCrindle Research has finally released their Baby Names Australia 2017 report, with all things trending in baby names. 

Which names took out the number one spot?

Turns out Australian parents are sticking with two names that have come out on top in recent years; Oliver for boys and Charlotte for girls.

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In total, 2145 boys were named Oliver, a name that’s been on top for the past three years, and took out top spot in all states (except WA). 

Source: McCrindle Research

In WA and NT Jack was most popular, while William was leading the pack in the ACT. 


For baby girls, Charlotte was the top name for the second year in a row, with 1817 instances. It was number one in every state but NSW, where Olivia beat the rest. 

Source: McCrindle Research

Other names that were highly popular across the country include Noah, Charlie, Ava and Amelia.

Source: McCrindle Research

What else is trending?

Royal names are once again a common theme in the top names, with George, Henry, Edward, Elizabeth, Alexandra and Victoria also featuring in the Top 100. Botanic-themed names were highly popular for girls, with Lily, Ivy, Willow, Violet, Jasmine, Rose and Daisy making the list. Only one name made the list for both boys and girls, that being Charlie.

Check out the full list for each name below. 

Source: McCrindle Research

Source: McCrindle Research

To read the full report, head to McCrindle's website.