'Will this go viral?' The best #BBCdad reactions, theories and parodies

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Unless you were hiding under a doona all weekend (lucky you!), you’d know this dad and his kids broke the internet with the world's cutest 

Professor Robert E Kelly was discussing serious South Korean politics live on the BBC, when his daughter stole the show, followed by her brother in a walker as mum races in to get them out discreetly (but fails).

It's the perfect snapshot of parenting calamity and hilariously just after it happened, Robert wondered if it might go viral. 

Of course, the answer was a resounding YES! Since then, the video's been viewed over 30 million times on Facebook and YouTube, capturing hearts around the world.

Robert with wife Jung-a Kim and daughter Marion. Source: Twitter

Most people laughed, many related and some even some chided Kelly for batting his kid away (surely we’d all be as mortified and reactive if it happened to us).

And then came the comments, theories, the memes, the parodies in hilarious volumes… here's some of the best.

The reactions and theories


 The memes and parodies

And our favourite one...