What's the best time to leave for a sleep-filled road trip?

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Holidays are a wonderful time to get away, relax and rest up! The last thing you need is a car full of crying kids along the way. 

Listener Susan wrote in to this week’s Kinderling Helpline with this exact worry. She asked Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue about how to best manage her upcoming holiday plans: 

“We’re travelling for three hours this Easter in the car. We have a three-year-old and a six month old baby, when is the best time to leave for the happiest trip?” 

Listen to Chris on Kinderling Helpline: 

Chris says it’s best to leave when the baby is due for their afternoon sleep. 

 “I would go within the sleep time phase,” Chris recommends. “A six-month-old usually has a sleep around 1pm. I would put them in the car then.” 

She says it’s easy to distract the toddler with different activities so they should keep calm and quiet while the baby’s asleep. 

The six-month-old is most likely to have an hour to an hour and a half sleep, so hopefully you’re halfway there by that point and it’s easier for the last stretch! 

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