This birthday space cake is out of this world

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This mum has done what all parents dream of doing … she’s baked the perfect birthday cake. 

Naushee (aka Pedagiggle on Imgur) made this jaw-dropping cake for her son Ilyas’ fourth birthday, and she didn’t even use a recipe!

At first she couldn’t find any instructions to create what she wanted for him, so Naishee improvised and the results are spectacular. Starting with a pale, classic vanilla cake mix, she then used food colouring to colour the parts representing planets and the sun. 

Space cake and cookies

To create the spherical shapes, she actually used cake pop molds, froze them, and then put the cake balls into the rest of the batter before baking

There’s no fondant (except for decorations if you please), it’s just good old-fashioned blue butter cream inside and out. 

She even made some awesome space-themed bikkies to go with it.

And we’re drooling over the Star Wars ones with Yoda, Chewbacca, C-3PO and Darth Vader. 

This is #cakegoals at its finest!