Phantom kicks, hair loss, eye sight issues, wobbly teeth, WTF?!

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Good golly, the human body is one incredible machine. Forget about pregnancy for a moment and the extraordinary fact that you can grow a human in your body and bring it into the world, the first year after becoming a parent the body continues to change and adapt. 

In our new podcast by Kinderling Kids Radio and Babyology, Bodyshock delves into what happens to your body and mind that first year after becoming a parent. In the first episode, Dr Annie Marshall a GP who specialises in maternal and post-natal care, a mum of three and owner of Rozelle Total Health in Sydney takes on a barrage of questions from Alice and I about some of the surprising physical and emotional aspects. 

Shannon, Alice and Dr Annie Marshall

Here’s a taste of some of the conditions Dr Marshall breaks down:  

Phantom kicks  

This can be the result of a mixture of things. We’re certainly more tuned in to feelings in the tummy, it can take a few months for the uterus to contract. It is also likely to be gas. That's right, folks, your phantom kick is most likely a fart.

Moulting in the shower

Hormonal changes are to blame for this one. Hair growth during pregnancy is common and so after the baby arrives its common for the hormone to change and for the extra growth of hair to fall out. This can happen in the shower while you're washing your hair. Don't freak out, it's quite normal.

Wobbly teeth

Related to the hormone relaxin that helps us become stretchy while we're pregnant. Again, temporary and is usually goes back to normal. Good dental hygiene is important pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post-natal though so don't skimp on it. See a dentist if you're worried. 

Eyesight issues

This is related to fluid build-up changing the shape of your eyeball. Crazy, hey! Vision should return to normal. 

Stretch marks, lopsided boobs, sleep deprivation, hormonal changes and Post Natal Depression/Post Natal Anxiety are also all covered in the launch episode.

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