'Boobies In A Box' pokes fun at public breastfeeding debate

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This made the whole office laugh! Check out this ‘Boobies In a Box’ video touting a new “revolutionary modesty device" for breastfeeding mothers. 

“Are you tired of getting dirty looks when you nurse your baby in public? Does your baby burqa get tangled in knots? Are you sick of feeding your bundle of joy in awkward spaces?” the video cheekily asks before dropping the punchline. 

Of course, it’s a joke (created by US comedians Erin Hunter and James Gavigan, aka duo Hunt The Vigan) that takes a funny and stinging swing at those who frown upon mums who breast-feed in public. How this is STILL an issue in 2016 is completely beyond us.

Not surprisingly, the video has struck a chord around the world and has been viewed over two millions times since being shared on the Upworthy website. We look forward to more "revolutionary" products coming soon!

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