Book Week costume hacks that won't break the bank or your brain

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It's that time of year again. Book Week. If you've forgotten or haven't been thinking about costumes, never fear. We've come to your rescue with some simple ideas and craft tips to make this year's Book Week theme Escape To Everywhere come to life (for little or no cost to your hip pocket or emotional fortitude).

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Where's Wally

You can't go past the most basic and stress free costume ideas (Except for a muggle from Harry Potter, nothing surpasses that sheer genius). All you'll need is a red stripy shirt and blue pants (jeans). If you don't have a red stripy shirt, you can always get an old white one and paint stripes on it!

For Wally's glasses, get your hands on a few black pipe cleaners. Bend them into circles, connect them with some glue (or just tie the parts around each other) and that's it! Minimum effort, maximum result.

Lumber jack

You know, like the hunter of Little Red Riding Hood? You'll need a flanellette shirt, a toy axe (or make one from toilet paper rolls, glue and a pair of scissors) and eyeliner.

Put on the clothes, draw on a beard with the eyeliner, DONE! 

If in doubt,  glue gun everything to a bowler hat

Costume designer Aleisa Jelbart reccommends investing in a hot glue gun and a cheap glitter bowler hat. If all else fails, you can trim the brim off the cap, turning it into a very glamourous skull cap, and then hot glue gun bits of felt, or streamers, or as many toilet rolls as you can, and you've got yourself  a weird and wonderful wig!

Listen to more of Aleisa's tips on Kinderling Conversation


One step on from 'glue everything to a bowler hat', glue a bunch of colourful (read: cheap) feathers to an old shirt, dress and hey presto! you've got a bird from pretty much any book ever.

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz

Who could go past the most iconic dress up - Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, complete with ruby slippers of course.

If you find yourself rummaging through your local op shop, any pair of old shoes can be spray painted and doused in a healthy of glitter. Note to the clumsy, do this one outside. If there's even the slightest breeze you'll be picking red specks out of your carpet for the rest of your natural life.

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Slinky Malinky

Wear black clothes, draw on whiskers and sticky tape two black triangles to a head band - DONE!

Happy costume-ing!

We'd love to see your crafty handiwork! To celebrate Book Week 2017 we're giving away a special book pack filled with all of this year's Children's Book Council of Australia winning books.

To enter, show us your best book costumes! Here's what to do:

  • Tag your kids’ Book Week dress-up pics with the hashtag #bookweekcomp on FacebookInstagram or Twitter
  • Tag us (@kinderlingradio) too to ensure we see it. Also check your post is public so we can view it. 
  • If you want to keep it private, email us at 

The Kinderling crew will also be dressing up as our favourite book characters and sharing pics on socials, so stay tuned!