Bunk Puppets bring wonder to Sydney’s Monkey Baa Theatre

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Looking for something unique these school holidays? Check out the sensational and surreal theatre show Sticks Stones Broken Bones coming to Sydney’s Monkey Baa theatre on January 20-22.

Conceived by those clever sorts at Bunk Puppets and promising “flying chickens, brain transplants and sneaky ninjas”, the show turns household items into enchanting shadow puppets – it’s like watching a live cartoon unfold before your eyes.

Performed by Tim Sneddon, it’s won awards and rave reviews, with the Adelaide Advertiser writing “His imagination is glorious and his one man show has so many characters and interesting situations, you can’t help but be captivated.”

It’s suited for kids aged five and up and there's two sessions - 10am and 12:30pm – over the three days. Check out Monkey Baa’s official site for ticket prices and best seats.