Awesome café welcomes breastfeeding mums with free tea

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As any mum knows, it's a jungle out there. Nursing your bub in public is awkward enough, let alone dodging disapproving frowns from Neanderthals who still think it’s 1916. Then there’s the occasional ridiculous reports that some cafes have asked feeding mums to cover up to avoid ‘offending’ other customers.

Gloriously bucking the trend is Sydney café,  The Willows Cafe & Wine, which offers sweet sanctuary and free tea to breastfeeding mothers.

"Pop in have a free cup of tea if you need a pit stop... No need to eat. No need to ask - please relax,” reads the sign out the front of the Willoughby business on Sydney's northside.

Café owner and young mum herself, Natala Bain told the Daily Mail the offer has been “very popular”, adding “We're just letting breastfeeding mothers feel welcome and comfortable. We want them to know it's okay to breastfeed here.”

We love the idea and hope the trend catches on around the country!

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