Can't find a babysitter? 5 date ideas to try at home

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The reality of having kids is that you HAVE to book in date nights in order to make them happen. Often this is weeks in advance, with babysitter booked, restaurant table reserved and perhaps a grand plan to shave your legs or wash your hair.

Then disaster strikes! Your kid minder cancels! Those smooth, smooth legs are all for nothing! Or are they?

These five date ideas are romantic, relationship building, and you don’t even have to leave the house.

Record night

Take a walk down memory lane, holding a glass of your choice of libation (so long as it’s quiet enough to not wake children!). Pop on your fave classic record, or a new one, and head on a musical journey together for old times’ sake.

And of course, if you don’t have a vinyl collection, flick on Spotify to listen to the latest album you just haven’t yet had time to immerse yourselves in.

Backyard picnic

Make the most of those long summer days! Skip eating dinner with the littlies, try to put them down a nudge earlier than usual and once they’re comfortably in bed (and staying there), take a wander to your outside space for a cute picnic.

Lay down the picnic rug on the grass/deck/balcony, light a couple candles, and eat alfresco. It doesn’t have to fancy either, just your favourite antipasto finger food. You could even time it with sunset, to crank up the romantic ambience a notch.

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Cook up a storm

What is your absolute favourite meal that your kids won’t have a bar of? Treat yoself, and cook it together. Get all gourmet, with the most sophisticated foods that only an adult palate can take, and perhaps go all out with the fancy beverages too.

Feeling extra indulgent? Make the lushest dessert, with all the sugary nasties we’d prefer our offspring not have!

Tasting samples

Whether you’re a beer lover, wine aficionado, a chocolate connoisseur, a cheese fiend or a fan of any other vice, organise a tasting! Grab some fancy examples of each, and taste test them all to discuss the pros and cons of each.

You could also do your research and have some pairings happening. What beer goes best with cheese? Which chocolate complements which wine? Be creative, and tantalise your tastebuds.

Play adult games

Not that kind (or maybe that kind…). Pull out the board games that are a bit beyond the kids. Maybe it’s Monopoly, Balderdash, or a 10 000-piece puzzle. Play a game that takes a bit more brain power than Guess Who.

And if you’re feeling active, set up a game of indoor mini-golf, Twister, or step outside for a backyard sport of choice.