OMG! There's a Cards Against Humanity-style game for parents

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Cards Against Humanity has become world-famous for its adults-only mix of random vulgarity, hilarity and downright wrongness. In case you've never played, it's a card game where you finish a phrase or question with naughty answers on your own cards to deliver the most un-PC LOLs possible.

Now some cheeky monkeys (aka US parents Wayan and Amy Vota) have created a similar game designed specifically for parents. Called KinderPerfect, it blends typical mum-and-dad moments with a very wicked sense of humour.

Featuring doozies like 'What is that smell?', 'Our code word for sex is ____' and 'How we got your little brother', the 400-card set can even be mixed with Cards Against Humanity for double the trouble.

It's available to buy from their website for US24.95 (plus delivery) or you can even print your own for free if you sign up to their newsletter.