Check out this 7-year-old bassist covering Stevie Wonder, Rihanna and D’Angelo like a boss

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It’s not too often you find a kid who has got his proverbial together at the age of seven. But this one does and we’re so crazy obsessed with his talent.

Aron the Bassist is a seven-year-old from Slovakia, and he just loves music. This is fuelled by his gift for playing the bass guitar, and fortunately he shares it with his 72,000 followers!

His performance is always so impassioned, well-practiced and we LOVE the adorable faces he makes. So far, he's covered tracks from Rihanna, D'Angelo, Thundercat, Quincy Jones, plus many, many more.

His brother, who manages his Instagram and Youtube pages, says that as Aron’s fingers grow, his technical skills will get better and better. He’s already doing better than many adults though, so this guy looks set to be a world-renowned star.

Watch his Stevie Wonder cover:

We can't wait to see what comes next for Aron!