Children of the Millennials - here's what we know about Generation 'Alpha'

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Generation Alpha — also called the iGeneration or Gen A— are kids who were born between 2010 and 2025.

Perhaps YOU are the parent of a wee Alpha kiddo? If so you probably know lots about them already, but let us take you through some overall trends for Alphas!

1. There are heaps of Alphas - and more on the way!

There are around 1.6 million Gen Alpha kids in Australia right this minute. Woah!

Source: McCrindle

2. They're the future

They’re all set to to live into the 22nd century which seems pretty darn futuristic!

3. They boast lots of Charlottes in their ranks

Alpha girls are most often called Charlotte, Olivia, Ava, Emily and Mia.

4. And also lots of Olivers!

Alpha boys are most often named Oliver, William, Jack, Noah and Jackson. 

5. They have digital DNA

They are fully-fledged digital natives and the most tech-savvy generation ever. They’re the first generation to be raised with voice assistants and are likely to continue to default to screens for entertainment or play. The older Gen Alpha kids — who are now 9 or 10 — are often better at using technology than their parents.

6. They have a significant digital footprint already

A large cohort of this generation have been digitally tracked in various ways by their parents since they were babies. Things like sleep apps, feeding apps and remote baby monitors have been part of life for these kids. And that’s before we even think about their little faces popping up on their parents’ social media accounts.

7. They're compassionate

They’ll be the most socially aware and inclusive generation yet, hopefully understanding that difference, gender, sexuality and ability, however they present, should be accepted wholeheartedly. Growing up in the post-MeToo era should mean that they are more aware of having respectful relationships too.

8. They have a heavy burden on their shoulders

They’re growing up with the urgent responsibility of helping fight climate change, as the current Australian bushfire disaster makes all too clear.

9. They're one of a crowd

When the’re in their 20s, they will live in an Australia with a population of 32 million (we have 23 million right now). 

“There will be more Australians aged over 60 than under 20 for the first time in our history,” McCrindle says.

This post originally appeared on Babyology.