Kinderling's expert Chris Minogue releases great new baby book

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You know her as the calm, reassuring voice of our Kinderling Helpline, but when she’s not on Kinderling Conversation Chris Minogue has been busy writing her new book, Bringing Baby Home.

We love our resident baby guru for the simple and encouraging advice she shares with listeners every Monday and Chris takes the same no-nonsense approach with her first book. 

Compiled from her 30 years of experience as a Mothercraft nurse, Bringing Baby Home is a treasure trove of baby info, full of simple, easy-to-follow tips on everything from feeding and sleeping to suggestions on how to connect with your baby and introduce your new bub to their siblings.

Chris’s book holds your hand every step of the way accompanying you from the overwhelming joy of bringing baby home from hospital to the tricky transition of toddler toilet training.

One of the most user-friendly parts of Bringing Baby Home are the nifty cheat sheets at the back of the book that have been left blank for parents to fill in with their own child’s developments.

But Chris insists her new book is not intended to be a “how to” manual. “Bringing Baby Home is about understanding your child’s needs and how you can nurture your own instincts to parent calmly.” And that’s a sentiment that is very close to our Kinderling hearts.

If you’ve got any questions on what to do once you’ve brought your baby home, call in and chat to Chris on Kinderling Conversations Mondays at 12pm – 1800 KIDS RADIO or text your question on 0437 665 200.

Buy Bringing Baby Home from the Macmillan Australia site now

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