Chrissie Swan NAILS the first child vs third child feels!

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Let's be honest here - there is a VAST difference between the way we parent our first child and the (some may say unlucky) siblings who come after them. And Chrissie Swan is no different ...

Radio host Chrissie Swan is mum to three lovely kids named Leo, Kit and Peggy. On her radio show this week, she confessed that her parenting may have shifted a little between baby number one and baby number three.

Same-same, Chrissie!

In a segment that will have parents of two or more children chuckling in recognition, Chrissie noted that her intensive parenting game started off very, very strongly.

“The first birthday for the firstborn, we had three superheroes, 25 kids and a photo booth, hired furniture, champagne and canapés for the parents,” she told Chrissie, Sam and Browny show co-hosts Jonathan Brown and Sam Pang.

Impressive, non? But the birthday moves changed gear by the time wee Peggy had turned up.

“The third kid,” Chrissie explained, enjoyed “a $14 Freddo Frog ice cream cake from Coles at Grandma’s place, after we picked the kids up from school.”

When it came to meals, Chrissy noted that there was - necessarily – quite the leap in effort when it came to her eldest and the youngest.

“First child: homemade organic baby food I made from scratch in the pressure cooker, snap-frozen in portions and labelled,” she told Sam and Jonathan.

Third child? “Pouch of Coles brand pureed pumpkin, given to her in her baby seat while we’re driving.”

Optimising not compromising!

When eating out, things also got a shake up, Chrissie revealed.

First child? A share of an “adult meal of grilled salmon with mash and beans” in a nice restaurant.

But by the time they had three kids things had shifted a little …”It’s nuggets, chips and tomato sauce all ’round.”

Bath time eventually suffered a similar … update.

“First kid: evening baths in a tiny tub with lavender oil, soothing music and 17 photos every time,” Chrissy detailed. #AaaahLovely

“Third child: shower with Mum, and a squirt from the hand-held shower attachment up the bum, then the door flashed open: ‘OK, you’re done!’ ”

Honestly we see these adjustments as totally positive shifts. Chrissy’s optimising rather than compromising – and we bow down to her efficient tweaks!

This post originally appeared on Babyology.