How to win the clothes argument with a toddler

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Trying to dress a toddler can be one of the most mind-bending, patience-testing challenges you'll face as a parent.

But hold in there, these tips will help. On today's Kinderling Helpline, listener Sarah asked our resident child expert Chris Minogue how to win the almost unwinnable war of clothing her almost three-year-old son.

Chris recommends that you pick your battles where possible. 

“Don’t argue about clothes,” she says. “There are so many big things you have to argue about in life, clothes is not one of them.” 

However, she does recognise that clothes are very necessary for day care, colder months and special occasions, so here are her ideas to manage each situation with limited push back. 

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Everyday wear

Take the anxiety out of a toddler choosing their outfits by letting them choose... to a degree. If they’re going to constantly argue, curate a drawer of clothes where they can choose anything they want to put on. 

“Let him choose anything out of that drawer that he wants to put on, but coincidentally everything in that drawer matches,” Chris suggests. 

That way, you can also ensure that weather appropriate clothes are in there too. 

Seasonal dressing

If your child does insist on picking unsuitable clothes, Chris says it wont take them long to realise Mum or Dad was right. She shares this example, when she was on a plane with a family. Along the trip, the child undressed itself and would not put any clothes on. They were landing in a Northern Hemisphere winter. When they walked out the door of the airport and then back in, they managed to put the clothes on with no argument. 

“Sometimes you have to let them go a little bit for them to work it out,” Chris says. 

Special occasions

If it is an event where you want them dressed in something specific, Chris says to do it early. 

A toddler usually argues when you’re disrupting an activity. They’re in a play moment; doing something else and they have a conniption because they don’t want to leave it. To avoid this, do it at the very start of the day. 

“As soon as he gets out of bed, take his pyjamas off and put his clothes on, cause then he doesn’t argue about it,” Chris says.

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