Comedian Christian Hull (aka 'Trish') talks parenting... and wine

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We're huge fans of comedian Christian Hull and his hilarious parenting parodies of dinner timeschool pick-up or childcare drop-off.

So it was great to welcome the man behind the wig on Kinderling Conversation with Shevonne Hunt.

He shares his viral success, his mum's IVF experience and reveals he never actually wants kids!

“Parents are like,  ‘oh but it’s so rewarding’, but is it though? Where are these rewards? What rewards are you reaping?” Christian says... in jest. We think?

Listen to Christian's interview on Kinderling Conversation:

It was a delight to also host his posh alter-ego 'Trish' for our Facebook Live chat. Over swigs of wine, the two discussed getting the kids to sleep, managing 'me time' and parenting inspirations.

Watch it here:

Our favourite part is when they crack each other up speechless for a minute.

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