Costa the Garden Gnome is nominated for a Gold Logie!

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The Gold Logie nominees for 2019 have been announced, and amongst a string of Neighbours stars and hosts of The Project sits a very welcome wildcard - Costa Georgiadis.

He's best known as the epic-bearded host of Gardening Australia on the ABC, but to us here at Kinderling he's better known as Dirtgirl's friend, Costa the Garden Gnome, who you'll find Get Grubby TV.

A breath of fresh air ... literally!

In an age where environmental thinking and sustainable living is pivotal for the future of our world, it's great to see someone like Costa put up for Australia's biggest television honour. 

He's an avid promoter of all things horticulture, permaculture, upcycling , gardening and compost - and it's these ideals he's been sharing with viewers, young and old, for nearly a decade.

When describing himself to after his Gold Logie nomination was announced, he shared: “I sing in a band, I keep bees, I’ve got lots of worms, I’ve got a fetish for frogs that few people know about and whenever I get the chance, I lay down on soil.” 

I don't know about you, but I think the Gold Logie is ready to go to a green-thumbed gnome with a heart of gold!

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We’re SO excited - our bestie Costa The Garden Gnome is nominated for a GOLD LOGIE ✨✨✨ He is our greenthumbed goldhearted beloved 🌱🌱🌱 From starring with us in Get Grubby tv to the stage at the Sydney Opera House to growing food On Country outside of Alice Springs (in Ltyentye Apurte 🖤💛❤️) ~ He never ceases to rock our world! Love you Costa GG 💚 dirtgirl and scrapboy 🛠xxxxxxx @pocketcityfarms @epicureanharvest @thefarmatbyronbay @camdencommunitygarden @abctv @gardeningaustralia @abcaustralia @abchobart @tvweekmag .#grow #homegrown #growfoodnotlawns #family #logienomination #logienominee #logies2019 #CostaGeorgiadis #costathegardengnome #dirtgirl #bestiegoals

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Vote #1 Costa!

If you're a fan of Costa and the lifestyle he stands for, be sure to show your support during the public voting poll on June 24! 

He's up against household names like Amanda Keller (The Living Room), Waleed Aly (The Project), Sam Mac (Sunrise) and Tom Gleeson (Hard Quiz) - so there's definitely some stiff (and worthy) competition.

Costa is also up for 'Most Popular Presenter' and Gardening Australia is in the running for 'Most Popular Lifestyle Program' - so fingers crossed he doesn't walk away from the night empty-handed.

Listen to Costa on our Dirtgirl podcast now!