Dad Shirt: Great idea or expensive gimmick?

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There’s yet another new parenting product circulating the Internet, dividing mums and dads across the world. 

The Dad Shirt by Lalabu is a t-shirt with a patch sewn on the front, that essential turns new fathers into kangaroos. Baby sits in the pouch and voila! You’ve got yourself carrying device for newborns up to 6.8kg, as well as a piece of clothing. What a two in one deal.

For mums, they have the Soothe shirt. It’s pretty much the same thing but without sleeves and it doubles as a nursing bra too. 

While both look simple, there’s a pretty sum attached, each one costing US$75…

Not everyone is loving The Dad Shirt. Some have taken to Facebook to complain about the price, the effect on bub’s posture and a few have already suggested they’ll DIY it. Still others are singing their praises, saying they think it’s great. 

We do have a few questions though. Will the t-shirt stretch? Could we possible make one from existing 20-year-old daggy tees? Why don’t these new ‘dads’ in the video look more tired??? 

Will you be trying the idea? 

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