Dear boobs, with love and thanks

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Dear boobs, 

What a pair of absolute legends! We wanted to take a moment to say ‘hi’ and thanks. 

Thank you for your service and the hard work you’ve put in. Thank you for dealing with your changes in size - up and down, up and down. Although, you really are looking quite flat these days, is everything okay? 

Thanks for putting up with those horrendous cracked nipples then being drenched in lanolin, cabbage leaves and whatever else. Thanks for doing your best when you were exposed on the bus, business meetings and at other less than ideal times. 

Those strange and often ugly bras aren’t our favorite thing either, but thanks for making them work for you. 

Most of all thank you for feeding our babies, mates. We couldn’t have done it without you. Your strength, resilience and can-do attitude has not gone unnoticed. 

Let’s hear it for the girls! 

All our love,

Alice and Shan

If you love your girls too, tune in to Episode 3 of Bodyshock, where we chat to Endorsed Midwife and Lactation Consultant Lynne McKensey-Hall from Better Beginnings about how to care for the little soldiers up front.

PS. We know boobs don't always do what we want them to do, particularly with the whole feeding thing. We are in no way in the breast is best camp; a fed baby is best, however that happens.

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