Zoe Foster-Blake joins the 'mums who invent weird food for their kids' gang

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Anyone else feel like everything that Zoe Foster-Blake (ZFB) touches turns to Instagram gold? Well, now it appears the entrepreneurial mum-of-two can officially add "party porridge" to her list of successes, too.

Yesterday she shared an Instagram story and post that documented the throw-together new breakfast she whipped up on a whim after realising she was fresh out of flour to make her hotly-anticipated "Pancake Sunday".

(Side note: that's another breakfast tradition we can totally get behind). 

What's in Party Porridge, you ask?

According to Zoe, her avant-garde (and millennial pink) creation was made with oats, milk, a few drops of food colouring, coconut, Greek yoghurt, honey and sprinkles.

For something so colourful, it doesn't sound even half unhealthy! And as Zoe puts it, pancakes better watch out because this breakfast dream "raised delight levels exponentially".

"Inventive food" isn't usually her cuppa tea ...

Every parent can relate to scraping the bottom of the pantry barrel in an attempt to create something their little ones will deem edible, but Zoe says this creative approach to cooking isn't usually her thing.

"I’m not the mum who makes fun, inventive food for the kids," she wrote in her caption. "I make pasta and cheese sandwiches and pasta and omelettes and pasta. We get by. They’re fed. It’s fine."

 "(This recipe) finally made me feel like the kind of kooky kitchen witch (my kids) could be proud of."

Sooo ... did ZFB just make "party porridge" a thing?

Technically? No. We found a handful of other examples of it on the internet. But with Zoe's star-power, we think things are looking up for the Party Porridge trend. (Perhaps she had an endorsement deal with Oats Australia all along?)

Shout out to Allegra for this Party Porridge creation in 2018: 

Heart-shaped sprinkles, chocolate and banana - we reckon that would get the kids really excited for breakfast!

Channel 9 reporter, Leila McKinnon, also had a crack at it in 2017:

We'll consider this the basic option: oats + sprinkles = voila!

There's also this one ...

But it's in French and looks far too fancy ... we'll stick to the Hundreds & Thousands option, thanks!

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