Ditch the chocolate! Try making these cute bunny bags this Easter

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Wanting to avoid a chocolate coma this year? Make these together, and fill with other special goodies instead!

We made these adorable Easter bunny bags one year for the kids’ classmates. They were such a huge hit. These bunny bags are great for giving small trinkets for Easter instead of chocolate eggs (or chocolate eggs too, of course).

You can fill your bunny bags with healthy biscuits or treats, or even small jars of playdough or little Easter gifts like plastic eggs or bunnies.

How to make bunny bags

What you’ll need:

•  glassine or paper bags
•  patterned paper
•  string (or ribbon if you prefer to be fancy)
•  glue
•  Sharpie
•  hole punch
•  trinkets to include

Putting it together:

1. Cut the top of the bags into ‘ear’ shapes. Start at one corner and cut down in a curve then cut straight across before cutting back up to the opposite corner with a (sort of) matching curve.

2. Take the Sharpie and draw cute faces on your bags. You can also draw a tail on the other side if you like. The kids had a ball making all different kinds of bunny faces – some more successful than others.

3. Use the hole punch to punch four holes (mine is a fancy love heart one, but any old hole punch will do the trick). Two just underneath the straight bunny head and two just above and outside the first holes.

4. Cut inner-ear shapes out of the patterned paper. Fold each bunny ear flat and glue on the inner ear.

5. Thread the string through the inner holes, cross and then through the outer holes. You can make your bow at the front or the back, it’s up to you (we started with front bows, but decided we liked back bows better).

6. Pull the string tight and tie firmly with a bow. Doing lots of these is great bow-tying practice for little kids (but acknowledge that you will have crumply, well-loved bags by the time the bow is tied). All done!

Republished with permission from Mumlyfe.