Double trouble! Baby news for Jimmy Giggle

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Of all the hosts on Australian TV, this guy definitely has the most energy. 

Which is pretty lucky given he’s about to be the father of twin boys!  

Jimmy Giggle AKA James Rees, the star of ABC Kids’ Giggle and Hoot, has just made the announcement on his Facebook page:

👶🏻👶🏼 BABIES ALERT!!! That’s right I said BABIES!!! Tori, Lenny and I are thrilled to announce we are expecting TWIN BOYS this February!!! 

The right man for the job

The giggly TV star is already a proud dad to son Lenny, 3 and regularly posts photos of their backyard antics together on his Instagram page. 

He's also a proud and doting husband. 

Check out this lovely tribute to wife, Tori he included in the annoucement: 

My amazing wife has been a rock and continues to be, growing these two boys. She will spend the summer on a lilo in the pool I’m sure 😂😂😂😎😎😎!!!

‘Still in shock’

The couple recently shared their pregnancy story with New Idea magazine.

Tori said she “nearly fell off her chair” when the doctors told them the news. 

While Jimmy said he’s taking awhile to adjust to the news: 

“It still hasn’t dawned on us how crazy it’s going to be ... We just have to go with the flow.”

Listen to Midwife Cath on surviving the first year of parenting:

Pretty relaxed on the details 

Going with the flow seems to be the order of the day in the Rees household. 

Jimmy told New Idea that he was finding it hard to plan ahead for the twins' arrival, and was just going to wait and see how to deal with things once they arrive. 

Wife Tori on the other hand, has committed to reading "several books" in prepartion for the big arrival. 

Baby names

Big brother Lenny is also adjusting to the news. 

But he’s helping his parents out with baby name suggestions for his little brothers: 

“He suggests names like ‘door’ and ‘blind’,” Jimmy laughs.

Seems a sense of humour runs in the family too. 

What great news; we wish the little family all the best until the arrival of their new additions.