Drag queens reading to children is the feel good story we need right now

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Story Time at the library is a tried and true activity for kids.

Even in the depths of the digital age and screen time mania, reading to children at the local library is an essential part of lots of communities. In the United States, gone are the musty cardigans and spectacle clad volunteers of the past, making way for glitter, sequins and eyelashes that would make Bambi blush.

Drag Queen Story Hour is an incentive that does what it says on the metaphorical tin; it’s drag queens reading stories to kids.

First started in December 2015 in San Francisco, by writer Michelle Tea and Radar Productions, it’s since spread across the United States.

Queens in queens! Bella Noche reading to the children this morning! 👑 💜

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All across libraries, schools and bookstores, kids and parents alike are loving the sparkle that the queens have infused into story time. As well as the book readings, there are also songs and activities for the littlies to engage in that support the storytelling.

In an interview with The New York Times, Rachel Aimee, the Drag Queen Story Hour coordinator for New York, said the kids just love the whole experience.

“Children love dressing up and being imaginative in what they wear … They see drag queens as people who are doing the same thing, expressing themselves creatively and having fun with it. Also, kids have a much more fluid understanding of gender than most adults do.”

We love how much this initiative celebrates diversity, positivity and role models for kids, showing them they can be and do whatever they set their hearts to. One gorgeous wig at a time. 

The best part is, it's also starting up in Australia! Sydney, Wollongong and some places in Queensland are already jumping on board. We can't WAIT to see more of it!