9 essential water safety tips for kids

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With summer in full swing, Amy Peden from the Royal Life Saving Society gives her vital tips on Kinderling Conversation for a safer swimming season this summer.

1. 'Active' adult supervision is critical
In group situations, never assume another adult is watching your kids.

2. Supervisors, leave your hat on
Designate a supervisor at social events. They wear a hat, and pass it and the duty to someone else if they need to leave.

3. Lock the gate!
Pool fences are useless if the gate's left open. Resist the urge to prop it open.

4. Beware older kids watching younger kids
It's a lovely thought, but siblings supervising can be risky. "It can be an unfair burden and it's no substitute for a responsible adult," warns Amy.

5. Remove climbable backyard objects
Crafty kids can use BBQs, chairs etc. to help them climb fences and gates. Don't tempt them.

6. Don't leave toys in the pool
These can be very appealing to children and lead them to over-reaching.

7. Don't leave babies in the bath alone
Without the strength to hold their heads up, don’t risk ducking out, even for a minute. Bath seats aren't babysitters – sadly, kids have slipped and drowned unseen.

8. It's not just pools or dams
Anything that holds enough water to cover the mouth or nose poses a risk. "In the past, we have seen deaths in pet bowls, eskies, nappy buckets..." says Amy.

9. Learn CPR
The last resort, but it's crucial to act quickly. Parents are often first on the scene and many kids have been saved because they have the confidence and skills.