Every day mindfulness: Brightening up a child’s life with colour

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In the mania of family life, how do you create moments of positive peace with your kids? Ever thought about mindful colouring-in?

Kylie Johnson is an artist and mum who's created a book for adults and kids to colour in together, Mindfulness Colouring With Affirmations For Kids and Adults. Talking to Kinderling for the Screen Free Challenge, Kylie reveals her idea came naturally after playing with her daughter.

Listen to Kylie Johnson on Kinderling Conversation:

“I found that I was painting and that was part of my mindful escape, it relaxed me. Then my little girl would come join me. It was then I really realised how we connected and we were in that present moment together,” Kylie says.

After a lot of research, Kylie saw there was a gap in the market for a connected, mindful and positive activity for kids and parents. We want children to practice positive self-talk and affirmations, so Kylie decided to combine this with the peaceful, mindful state of colouring.

“In my opinion, mindfulness is something that should be practiced every day,” she says. For her publication, “it’s more like a story book, so the illustrations match the messages.”

Kylie recommends families aim for just 10-20 minutes colouring together a day to help build self-worth and self-esteem in children, “Children want your undivided adult attention, so if you could just do that for 10-20 minutes a day, that fills up their bucket of attention and need to thrive.”

She says to choose a peaceful environment, perhaps outdoors in the backyard with nature. It’s a great idea to discuss the affirmations in the book with your child as you colour them in.

“There’s a little inner-critic voice that lives within us all from childhood,” Kylie says. “For children to be aware of that, hopefully they will shut down that little voice and replace it with positive, kind words to themselves.”

You’ll soon find that they start repeating those positive, uplifting messages back, building them up for a confident future.

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