There’s an exciting change coming to our radio shows and podcasts for parents!

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 Parents, carers, and people with ears! We’ve got some exciting news to share.

Our most beloved parenting show, Kinderling Conversation is changing its name and moving off the airwaves to on-demand listening!

Starting off 2019 in style, Kinderling Conversation is now going to be known as Feed Play Love.

So how will you listen in 2019?!

After our most recent survey, more and more of you said you listened to our two parenting shows, Feed Play Love and The Parent Panel, as podcasts, rather than live on the radio. You spoke and we listened!

This year, both Feed Play Love and The Parent Panel are making the move from the airwaves as radio shows to be 100 percent podcast. Now you can listen on-demand whenever suits YOU!

Not everything is changing

Mum-of-two and journalist, Shevonne Hunt will still be the same reliable voice hosting both podcasts.

As parents we know that finding time to yourself is difficult, and podcasting is the perfect solution for busy families.

Though you won’t hear these shows at their old midday slot on the radio, you’ll be able to listen literally any time! With new segments going live each weekday at 6am, Shevonne and her awesome interviews and funny stories are only a click away.

To keep getting the great stories, useful parenting hacks, and family news just search for Feed Play Love and The Parent Panel on your favourite podcasting device. And if you have no clue how to get yourself sorted with this all this podcasting – never fear!

Our awesome friends over at Babyology have made this neat video to walk you through the basics. Just follow this easy step-by-step guide: