Playgroup NSW launches free new group for babies

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In a new initiative launched today, Playgroup NSW are offering one year of free membership to parents and carers with a baby under one.

The PlayBaby membership aims to bring parents and their babies together and giving them resources that will help them form strong connections with their babies through both structured and unstructured play. It will also allow parents to form vital connections and support networks with other carers.

Karen Bevan, CEO of Playgroup NSW, says that early play increases a child’s opportunity for growth - both socially and physically, “What we’re aiming to do is to improve the chance children have at life, to really focus on an area that’s currently highly underserviced.”

Listen to Karen talk more about PlayBaby on Kinderling Conversation:

The non-profit organisation brings together around 20 000 children every year, and this new initiative is part of their aim to reach even more children.

Of their members, almost 100% of parents said that as a result of attending a playgroup they had increased their social networks, were more aware of what was happening in their community, and had increased their confidence as parents.

If you’re interested, and have a baby under one, head to the Playgroup NSW website for more details.

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