Smallfoot reviewed: A big-hearted film for kids

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What’s not to love about a good Yeti story?

Also known as a Sasquatch, Abominable Snowman or Bigfoot – this huge hairy creature is meant to live in the Himalayas. The legend of the yeti has intrigued humans since the time of Alexander the Great in 326 BC.

Smallfoot – the fifth animation from the Warner Animation Group (who also made The Lego Movie, The Lego Batman Movie, the Lego Ninjago Movie and Storks) - has recreated the myth, telling the story from the yeti’s perspective.

Migo (voiced by Channing Tatum) is on a mission to prove to his fellow yetis that ‘smallfoots’ (ie humans) exist. No one believes him, and he’s banished until he can admit he’s been making up stories. On his adventure, Migo captures Percy (voiced by James Corden) – an animal documentary-maker down on his luck. Migo returns triumphant to his village with Percy strapped to his chest.

Get ready to giggle

This is a star-studded cast with Zendaya, Common, LeBron James and Danny DeVito.

But what my kids loved the most (apart from snowboarding yetis) was the music. It’s funny, with lots of laugh-out-loud moments. There are some deeper ideas for adults in the audience – such as the value of cultural beliefs in a protected society, but that might just be me. Feel free to let me know if you also found yourself deep in thought throughout the film.

Not too scary 

It’s rated G, though personally wouldn’t recommend it for children younger than four, as the plot and concepts might be too complex, but it’s a safe bet for older children.

I took my son (4.5 years) and daughter (6.5 years) and they both enjoyed it. They weren’t scared, and I didn’t get any probing questions after about god, the world or even whether yetis truly exist.

In fact, my daughter said it was “the best movie she has ever seen.”

Smallfoot is in cinemas now (from 20th September). Check out the official trailer below!