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Finally! Someone has set up mother's groups for dads

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Source: manwithapram.com

Some women love their mother's group, others can't get outta there fast enough. However you feel about them, you can't deny that women are given a number of avenues to discuss motherhood and come to terms with it, surrounded by those who are in a similar life stage.

Dads? Not so much.

That's a fact that Brisbane-based Dad's Group Inc (DGI) are trying to change.

"There was nothing like this around when we first became parents," shares DGI CEO, Thomas Docking. "We realised there needs to be something to connect dads and help them through that journey."

"We want to help them feel more confident in their role - at home and in the community."

The team at DGI are aware that dads (and parents in general) often wear a lot of hats. The at-home hat. The corporate hat. The out-with-mates hat. Rarely do they get an opportunity to interact with other dads with their newborn in arms, wearing their 'dad' hat.

Source: manwithapram.com

Man With A Pram

DGI have already set up 100 dad's groups around the country, with their aim being to enable thousands of Aussie dads to get out of the house with their children and connect with other new and expectant dads.

To help spread the word to those wanting to get involved, they've set up a series of fundraisers called Man With A Pram - a time for dads to grab the pram and the kids, and head out to walk with other dads. 

There'll be a walk happening in Brisbane this Saturday (29 June), starting at 8.30am in front of The Gardens Club in the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens and ending at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Not in Brisbane? On September 1 (aka Father's Day) there'll be events held in cities and regional areas across Australia. Dads and their families - grandparents and all - are encouraged to come out and set up a temporary village where people can talk openly about setting up their own father's groups (or mother's groups). Dads will make a donation to be involved - which will go to support the work of DGI in their area.

Get more details here.

Dads need their own support network

In recent years, a lot of research has been done into the mental health of fathers. Many struggle with depression, anxiety and feelings of being completely overwhelmed - and often they don't feel they have opportunities to talk about these things openly.  

Having a regular social event - like a dad's group - is one step forward in helping combat this. Not only do they meet other dads, they get some special one-on-one bonding time with their kids (not to mention giving mum some much-needed time out).

Sounds like an all-round win if you ask us!