Flashback! This ’80s toy catalogue is a nostalgic time capsule

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What was on your own Christmas wish list back in the day?

All the things we ever wanted to play with (or did play with) are bundled up in this brilliant 1989 toy catalogue … and it's weirdly emotional seeing them again.

The catalogue was unearthed and shared by a vintage enthusiast … and now it’s going a wee bit viral as everyone ponders childhood before iPads and wishes they had a Glowworm to play with.

1. Game Boys and make up

Li'l Miss Makeup shared the catalogue cover with Nintendo's uber popular Game Boy and would it be wrong to want BOTH for Christmas THIS year?!

2. Game on, cupcake!

Sega systems, Cherry Merry Cupcake dolls and VHS tapes. What more could a child want?! (Kind of don't miss rewinding those tapes though...)

3. Dinos and ponies and worms, oh my!

My Little Ponies, Definitely Dinosaurs and those uber cute Glow Worms, you guys! Nawww!

4. Music and chat

Cassette players and walkies talkies kept '80s kids recorded and connected and over and out!

5. Wheels for speed

All of the things with wheels, for retro rev heads. Oh and some speedy boat-y things too. Remote control optional.

6. Turtles and a six-pack, Nintendo style

We don't really know who Bayou Billy is but he looks like some gents we've seen on Instagram lately.

7. Enter the Nintendo!

The groundbreaking Nintendo gaming system was found under circa 1989 Christmas trees across the globe.

8. Ghosts and robots

Ghostbusters heroes AND ghosts? We are in! Also check out the Robocop figure because he's very robot-y and rad. Want.

9. Love pink?

Kenner Ponies, Superstar Barbie and Dolly Surprise were just a few of the pretty in pink things '80s kids were into.

10. Lean, green, martial arts machines

Ninja Turtles for less than a fiver?! We are so on board! Take us back!

Images sourced from ~ tOkKa on Flickr.
Images shared under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 License.

This article originally appeared on Babyology.