'Flatmate syndrome', scheduling sex and getting it on post-kids

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On the long list of changes that occur in the first year after having a baby, a shift in the relationship with your partner and specifically the level of intimacy you have is almost inevitable. When the option of sleeping or having sex is weighed up, often shut eye will win. 

The physical changes which occur in the body are also significant, so naturally it can take time to get comfortable being intimate again. Plus, as babies don’t value personal space boundaries, if you’ve had one glued to your chest for a large portion of the day, the desire not be touched is higher than usual.    

In this episode of our Bodyshock podcast, we discuss libido with sexologist Pamela Supple (in a sunny cafe courtyard of all places). Pamela offers advice about how couples who are new parents can reconnect.  

Specific topics Pamela covers include:

  • Connecting with your partner – in a variety of forms
  • Taking the pressure off date night sex
  • Bedroom preferences changing
  • The importance of sexual health to our relationship health 
  • Maintaining your own sense of identity for the sake of your relationship
  • Communication and accepting where you’re at in the emotional roller coaster  
  • Investing in quality lube (yup, really!)

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