From book to show: Room on the Broom reviewed

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There is something delightful about your favourite children’s book being made into a theatre performance. Julia Donaldson is a well-loved author in our household. From our first introduction to her in the form of The Gruffalo, we progressed on to many more adventurous tales, including the book Room on the Broom

One of the most enjoyable things about these books is their rhythm and rhyme. The clever writing is such fun to read, but it also encourages children to join in as they learn the words. This kind of engagement translates so well into a live performance. 

Both my kids (almost three and almost five) knew the story line, and could join in at the same place they did in the book “… and whoosh they were gone!” 

That’s not to say that you have to know the book to enjoy the musical. The live show has additional layers, like more developed characters (who knew the green bird was so flamboyant?!) and a few jokes just for the adults in the crowd. 

And of course, there are the songs. The musical side of the performance is integrated seamlessly into the story. The performers are extraordinary, with songs that are fun and upbeat (my daughter sang all the way home). 

A friend who saw the musical said she would have liked more interaction with the audience. For the toddlers in the crowd, this would have kept them more engaged.  While my son did get a bit restless in parts of the performance, my daughter was enrapt, and both of them had a good time.

Which is what you want out of a children’s performance after all!

Room on A Broom tour dates: 

Melbourne: The Arts Centre Melbourne, January 4-15

Brisbane : QUT Gardens Theatre, January 17-22

Perth: State Theatre Centre of WA, January 27-31

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